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All you need is an 30 min workout right here in Southwark to feel stronger, fitter and better in your jeans, not only in your leggings.

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All you need is an 30 min workout right here in Southwark to feel stronger, fitter and better in your jeans, not only in your leggings.


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Personal Training near Southwark

Personal Training

Tired of struggling to get results? Hoping to add flexibility to your training schedule? Do you have personal limitations? That's fine! My personal training program at Fitness Reload will connect you with a training regimen that's designed just for you, so that you can achieve your goals faster than ever before.

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Online Personal Training near Southwark

Online Personal Training

I have implemented 30 min workouts to help busy professionals to get back on track with their active lifestyle, lose weight and feel more energetic than they were before. You can join me from your home, or you can come and see face to face.

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Many of my clients in Southwark struggle with busy work schedules, not enough time to exercise and feel sluggish. If you find yourself here, I help people exactly like you!

Get Real Results Training From Home

If you are ready to change your life, body and mind, all you need is 30 min of your time, 2-3 times a week and I will do the rest. Get ready to feel fitter and stronger again. To feel confident in your clothes and your skin.

I believe that everyone can make a change in their life and their lifestyle with the right guidance to fit their busy schedule.

If this sound like you, book your consultation now and I will help you to find the best program for you to get the results you want.


Sheila Smith

Waking up one day realising that I was completely unfit and overweight! Each decade had piled on the pounds and I decided that a PT was the only way forward for me. After taking a few challenging powe...

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Alex Staneva

Since I started training with Selver more than a year ago, I have seen a huge positive change not only in my body composition, but also in my motivation to improve myself constantly. She always pushes...

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Tessa Turnbull

I had been training for years and hadn’t got the results I wanted, I started training with Selver and her training style and balanced nutrition advice got me there a few months later. Her traini...

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Tara Child

I have been training with Selver for around 6 months now and I am hooked! She pushes me harder than I could ever push myself but she does it in a really motivational, supportive way. She thrives on he...

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Melanie Harris

I have always enjoyed working out but found myself in a situation where I felt lost and unsure of how to go about getting the results I wanted, I found it hard to push myself and to keep motivated, I ...

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I have been struggling with weight problems for many years. I had tried so many diets and workouts routine that I get bored. I needed to get me on the right track that when I met Selver I can now hone...

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Online Personal Training near Southwark


Learn About the Services Fitness Reload Offer

  • Virtual Training Sessions

    Virtual Training Sessions

    Are you ready to drive your fitness level forward through a specifically designed program? Fitness Reload has 30 and 60 minute sessions that can fit into any schedule.

  • Unlimited Motivational Support

    Unlimited Motivational Support

    Clarify what is holding you back from reaching your goal and remove it. Make your goals come true. I offer motivational advice to empower and transform your lifestyle.

  • Personal Coaching

    Personal Coaching

    Specifically tailored programs to accelerate personal success, including a weekly coaching session to keep you on track.

  • Nutrition Support

    Nutrition Support

    Professional guidance to help you change your eating habits. Make it a lifestyle, not a diet!

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Online Personal Training near Southwark

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