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  • 5 Reasons to start weight training

    5 Reasons to start weight training

    If you are still looking for a sign to join your local gym or hire a Personal trainer, here are 5 reasons to start your gym routine and weight training: - Reason 1- Improves weight loss and helps you build lean mass. Your body will burn more energy while lifting heavy than doing endless cardio. - Reason 2 - It will help your joint to get stronger and prevent future injuries. - Reason 3 - Improves your mood and mental health - Reason 4 - Improves your body shape and boosts your confidence - Reason 5 - My favourite reason: You can eat more :) I am a massive food lover, basically I lift weights so I can eat more. For me this is a lifestyle and I don't like the idea of people saying ....

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  • Eating out. Take aways. Dieting culture.

    Eating out. Take aways. Dieting culture.

    Dieting culture nowadays is going mental on my opinion. So many people are promoting 'Healthy Life and Healthy Diet' in a very wrong way: Sugar is bad. Carbs are bad, they make you fat. Meat is bad. Dairy is bad...etc. Sugar is not great, but if we eat in moderation, it won't cause any major health damage. Same for carbs and dairy. We tend to believe in everything what media is promoting. We read on the food label: Healthy snack. But many of us don't bother checking the nutritional value of the product. In most cases this Healthy snack contains more calories than your lunch. Studies show us that when a food is perceived as healthy people consume more of it. A great example labelling ....

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  • Is Breakfast essential for weight loss?

    Is Breakfast essential for weight loss?

    The biggest question: Is breakfast essential for weight loss? Some experts say: Yes, you need breakfast. After 7-8 fast, your body needs nutrients to start the day. Some experts say:No, you don't need one. I will share my experience here. When I was younger I never had breakfast, for the pure reason I wasn't educated enough about nutrition. I was following the trend diets and whatever I read on the magazines. WRONG!!!! I wish I could turn the time back and educate my younger self. Now, at the age of 36, I am looking forward to eat the meal of the day. Two reasons why breakfast works for me: - keeps my insulin level stable and I am not going super hungry for lunch time meal. - ....

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  • Fitness, Diet and Everything else

    Fitness, Diet and Everything else

    Back to my passion this week: Fitness and Food. Lifting weights it's not all about bulking and getting massive. Lifting weights improves posture, better sleep, being better bone density, maintaining weight loss, boosting metabolism, lowering inflammation....and that's not all. I lift weights for all the reasons above and also I want to look sexy AF :) "When you exercise, it increases endorphins, dopamine, adrenaline and endocannabinoid -- these are all brain chemicals associated with feeling happy, feeling confident, feeling capable, feeling less anxiety and stress and even less physical pain," McGonigal says. And also, I like eating food. Another reason to ....

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  • Fitness and Passion about food

    Fitness and Passion about food

    Once someone told me: I don't know what to admire in you: Your passion about Fitness or your Passion about Food? I said: They go hand by hand. I have been in the fitness industry for more than 8 years but my passion about food has started only once I learnt how to feed myself and educated myself more about food. Especially since I started to compete, my diet has been always restricted, which makes me appreciate food even more. If I am on 12-16 weeks prep, going out and socialising with others it is harder than usual. With me, it's always impossible, I like to eat my prep food: my chicken and rice, my vegetables. It's not that I can cook, but I make the effort. Don't get me ....

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  • 11 Years Being Immigrant

    11 Years Being Immigrant

    11 Years Ago…⬇️⬇️ . . 11 years ago on this day it was my first time flying with a plane. I had only one suitcase and £200 in my pocket, they were from my mum’s savings. No English at all. I landed in Wales and I worked there as a housekeeper in a hotel. Basically, I was cleaning toilets. You can imagine how many sh*t I have seen for this time. I didn’t complain even once…that my choice. . A year later came to London. Worked in hospitality. Not so bad, 14h shits every day, but I wasn’t cleaning toilets anymore. . 4 years later I had two part time jobs: a PT and I was working as a housekeeper for a great family. During this time I finished college and ....

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  • Self-Care. Self-Acceptance.

    Self-Care. Self-Acceptance.

    We live in a world where we have an easy access to internet, where internet is no longer a luxury, but a must to have. I won’t lie, like everyone else I love scrolling sometimes through my feed just for the sake of it. But social media has gone crazy in the last few years which has changed so people’s mindset, especially younger girls who compare themselves to Instagram models and they want to look like them. But not even younger girls, everyone who has easy access to social media follows a role model and we all want to look like them. We start to compare ourselves to someone who doesn’t even look like the way she looks in real life. Comparison kills. In the ....

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  • Little Tricks How to Be Better..

    Little Tricks How to Be Better..

    First month of the New Year has already gone. /Thanks God!/ It’s been a long month. What I have achieved in Jan’20? I have decided something completely new, something different than training 1:1. But this will come alive later it’s not ready yet. I’m so excited to be honest. But you know good things happen slowly. J No competing until July, which will be a challenge for me, as last year has been on full speed, but it was tough. Now, I need improve this physique and learn to rest. Here is a little hint how to improve healthy lifestyle without compromising on food. Be more active, walk more. If you’ve doing 10k steps a day, try to reach 13-15k a day. ....

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  • Lessons Learnt in 2019

    Lessons Learnt in 2019

    Last few hours of 2019, I am here to share few important lessons I’ve learnt this year and you never know…you might find yourself between these lines… Health and Diet – if you don’t look after yourself no one will do it for you. No one cares that you are ill or you have a stomach bug. Take care of your health, because we live in a era that you can be replaced within few minutes.Make health your priority. DIET – if you have been offered a piece of birthday in the office, you don’t need to eat it all or when you go out for drinks, you don’t need to drink like the world will end on the next day. Food and Alcohol will be always there, but ....

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  • Struggle to Find the Magic Pill...

    Struggle to Find the Magic Pill...

    Last competition of the year has been wrapped up. If you follow me on IG you might have seen one of my posts about my last comp. It was hard work. Not because of dieting or training, but because of I was struggling with digestion. Weirdly, I haven’t changed my food at all, I have been eating the same food for the last few months, but out of nowhere, the food was sitting on my stomach, I was feeling bloated. Everyday was a struggle for me, which made me even more stressed about my prep. I was about to give up competing, but all was organized and paid, so it wasn’t clever idea to give up. Like many of us are looking for that magic pill to fix everything, I was also looking ....

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