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Eating out. Take aways. Dieting culture.

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Eating out. Take aways. Dieting culture.

Dieting culture nowadays is going mental on my opinion. So many people are promoting 'Healthy Life and Healthy Diet' in a very wrong way: Sugar is bad. Carbs are bad, they make you fat. Meat is bad. Dairy is bad...etc.


Sugar is not great, but if we eat in moderation, it won't cause any major health damage. Same for carbs and dairy.

We tend to believe in everything what media is promoting. We read on the food label: Healthy snack. But many of us don't bother checking the nutritional value of the product. In most cases this Healthy snack contains more calories than your lunch.

Studies show us that when a food is perceived as healthy people consume more of it. A great example labelling the food with the word 'Skinny'... Let's use this word and put it in front of Chocolate spread and call it 'Skinny Chocolate spread'... How skinny a chocolate spread could be? The amount of calories and roughly the same as Not Skinny spread.

When it comes to use take away apps, I don't see them as a bad thing, but doesn't mean they only deliver Pizza, Burger or Chinese... Today there are so many food companies that offer home delivery, the problem is that not everyone wants to chose the healthiest option from the app.

Same relates to eating out. When you are really good with your diet and you need to go out for a dinner, that doesn't mean you have to order the biggest meal on the menu and three desserts to finish the meal. There is always a better choice on the menu, worst case ask them to prepare you a much more simple dish for you. It's won't be the end of the world for them neither for you.

Talking about eating out, I have tried a great restaurant in Borough Market called Turnips. They serve great tasting menu. The food was great, the portions are small enough to try few different dishes and tasty enough to enjoy the flavours. Eating out for me it's an experience, not an event where I have to staff my belly and can't move.


Where is your favourite place to eat out?


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