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5 Reasons to start weight training

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5 Reasons to start weight training

If you are still looking for a sign to join your local gym or hire a Personal trainer, here are 5 reasons to start your gym routine and weight training:

- Reason 1- Improves weight loss and helps you build lean mass. Your body will burn more energy while lifting heavy than doing endless cardio.

- Reason 2 - It will help your joint to get stronger and prevent future injuries.

- Reason 3 - Improves your mood and mental health

- Reason 4 - Improves your body shape and boosts your confidence

- Reason 5 - My favourite reason: You can eat more :)


I am a massive food lover, basically I lift weights so I can eat more. For me this is a lifestyle and I don't like the idea of people saying 'diet life'.

I train hard and I like eating right, but when I have to eat out I chose my places wisely. I like exploring fine dining restaurants than eating pizza.

From now till the end of the year I have already booked the restaurants I want to go: Frog by Adam Handling /I've been there already and all his restaurants, but when the food is so good, you want to go again/, Marcus at The Berkeley, Turnips in Borough Market, Gautheir in Soho and Ugly Butterfly in Cornwall, Story in Tower Bridge.


So, I have enough motivation to hit the gym and work my body as hard as I can.


If you are in London, come and say hello in my work place or visit my website:




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