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The importance of taking a time off

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The importance of taking a time off

We all go through times when you feel burnt out, this is the time when you have to step back and take some time off. 

Research has shown that you will do better if you take more regular downtime. If you are like me and love your job and feel tempted to check your inbox more of than you need, here are few tips how to fix that:

- Learn to turn your attention to something completely different - something like a quick workout to get your heart rate up and more oxygen in your blood and brain.

- Take more regular vacations - it doesn't need to be a week, all you need is a day or two to escape from your daily life.

- Make it a rule to have at least 1 full day off work - more work hours does not mean better work.

- A midday nap - if your circumstances allow you have a quick 10-15 min that will allow your brain to release more alpha waves and this will make you happier.


Hope these tips will help you take care of yourself more than usual.


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