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3 ways to make you feel better in November

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There are almost 8 weeks more of this year. But it's not to late to make November your month. The month of feeling better in your skin. A month to feel better mentally. 

Here is my challenge for you:

1. Set you new habits:

- wake up 30 min earlier and have a breakfast without being in a rush.

- increase your protein. As the weather is getting cold and we want more warm and comfortable food, don't let the weather make slip of your diet. Eat your protein to keep you fuller.

- replace one of your cup of coffee a day with a matcha tea. There are many flavoured option on the market, so it won't taste that bad.


2. Workout first thing in the morning - get it done and stat your day feeling more energised.


3. Don't sit around and think about it. This will never move you forward. If you want to feel good in your skin, start doing something about. Don't sit and think about it.


Here I want to share a video to show you that everyone has their own problems in their life, including me. Here how I handle my own problems.


@LADBible crew created a very nice concept called 'Confessions' and somewhere in the video you can see me too.



Have a kickass week xx


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