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Weight loss meal plan - how to build one

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Weight loss meal plan - how to build one

To accelerate your weight loss while you are training, here is an easier way how to plan your meals without making your life complicated.


- Keep your starchy carbs around your workout - have a portion of oats with egg whites before workout and portion of rice/ potatoes with a lean protein /fish, chicken, turkey or meat free option/ right after your workout.

- Rest of the meals will be loaded with more leafy greens and vegetables combined with fat

Here is an example how your day of food could look like:


- Breakfast:

An omelette with 3 eggs, paper and spinach


- Mid day snack:

Protein shake with peanut butter and ice or a pot of cottage cheese.


- Lunch:

Grilled chicken breast with greens, tomatoes, cucumber and avocado or you can use steamed vegetables like broccoli and green beans with avocado.


- Pre-workout meal:

Oats with peanut butter or a protein bar

- Post-workout meal:

Protein shake with rice cakes or lean protein with rice


- Dinner:

Salmon with mashed potatoes and greens or Prawns with pasta and broccoli.


Hope this will be a great guidance how to set your day with food and remember that you don't need to take it complicated, keep it simple and you will feel much better inside.


If you have any question about nutrition or training, shoot me a message by visiting my website or any of my social media channels.





Much love,

Selver x

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