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3 Tips how to control your diet when travelling

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3 Tips how to control your diet when travelling

Sitting here in my hotel room in Copenhagen, I thought is the best time t share my own experience how to control your food when travelling abroad.

First thing first:

- if you are flying Do Not consume carbs before or during the flight, it will make your body hold water and you will feel swollen. Keep yourself hydrated during the flight, water, tea, coffee, but avoid carbs for few hours.



- once you settle in your hotel room, find your nearest supermarket and buy a solid protein, plenty of water, or sparkling water does the magic for me and already prepped and chopped greens. If you don't have fridge in your room, same in my case, ask the reception to keep your food in their fridge or if you need microwave, ask them too.

I had my own bag of rice and asked them to heated for me. They did all I needed.



- explore the best markets and best restaurants to try their local food, instead of going for pizza or kebab, which you can find them  every corner in every country. Try local food, or if you are a fan of fine dinning, book one of their best restaurants to taste the local ingredients. 


You don't need to go crazy about food when travelling abroad. At the end of the day the main reason most likely would be to see a different culture.


If you have breakfast included with your stay, I personally will grab my favourite hot drink - coffee and I will eat outside something local. Hotel breakfasts are boring for me and I see them as a great way to overeat, calories which we don't need from: pastries, jam, cold meat, musli, etc. The usual things you can have them in your home.


Well, that's all from me now.


Much love,

Selver xx

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