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3 Ways to reach your best shape next year

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3 Ways to reach your best shape next year

Internet is full of information on 'how to get shredded', 'the best diet to burn fat'....etc. Yes, they all work but none of them tells you that it's not going to be an easy journey.

Here are my 3 reminders for you to help change your mindset before you start doing something extreme:

- New Year = New You.... try to shift away from this old school mindset. On 1st January your body doesn't automatically start to refresh itself. It's just the Sun circling around the Earth. Don't wait for New Year, it's anther way of procrastination. 

- Don't start with the mindset 'I will stop eating carbs and zero sugar from now on', it's very wrong approach. It will only last a week and you will have a mental breakdown and you will go all in again. In stead, focus to add more water and more protein in your diet. Do not avoid starchy carbs, like rice and potatoes, eat more vegetables. 

- You don't need to do cardio all day long to burn the Christmas food. Go for a walk and increase your steps every two days. Focus more on strength training, it will make you feel good and get your confidence back.


Hope you enjoy these few tips and looking forward to be on my blog very soon.



Selver xx





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