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  • How to get back on track on your diet?

    How to get back on track on your diet?

    If you are one of these people who already quit their New Year resolution, you are not alone. I am here to tell you not to give up on your goals, but change your vision and be realistic with your goals and how they will fit your lifestyle. If you went straight to very restricted diet: no sugar, no carbs, not going out to socialise, no meat, etc... this is where many people go wrong. The more you restrict yourself, the more you will crave them. Take it step by step: - avoid process food: fried food, take-aways for a while, high sugar food: cakes, cookies, juices. - try to prepare your food: simple things like oats, eggs for breakfast. Prepare your lunch, keep it simple: veggies, ....

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  • 3 Ways to reach your best shape next year

    3 Ways to reach your best shape next year

    Internet is full of information on 'how to get shredded', 'the best diet to burn fat'....etc. Yes, they all work but none of them tells you that it's not going to be an easy journey. Here are my 3 reminders for you to help change your mindset before you start doing something extreme: - New Year = New You.... try to shift away from this old school mindset. On 1st January your body doesn't automatically start to refresh itself. It's just the Sun circling around the Earth. Don't wait for New Year, it's anther way of procrastination. - Don't start with the mindset 'I will stop eating carbs and zero sugar from now on', it's very wrong approach. It will only last a week and you will have a ....

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  • 3 Tips how to control your diet when travelling

    3 Tips how to control your diet when travelling

    Sitting here in my hotel room in Copenhagen, I thought is the best time t share my own experience how to control your food when travelling abroad. First thing first: - if you are flying Do Not consume carbs before or during the flight, it will make your body hold water and you will feel swollen. Keep yourself hydrated during the flight, water, tea, coffee, but avoid carbs for few hours. Second: - once you settle in your hotel room, find your nearest supermarket and buy a solid protein, plenty of water, or sparkling water does the magic for me and already prepped and chopped greens. If you don't have fridge in your room, same in my case, ask the reception to keep your food in their ....

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  • Weight loss meal plan - how to build one

    Weight loss meal plan - how to build one

    To accelerate your weight loss while you are training, here is an easier way how to plan your meals without making your life complicated. - Keep your starchy carbs around your workout - have a portion of oats with egg whites before workout and portion of rice/ potatoes with a lean protein /fish, chicken, turkey or meat free option/ right after your workout. - Rest of the meals will be loaded with more leafy greens and vegetables combined with fat Here is an example how your day of food could look like: - Breakfast: An omelette with 3 eggs, paper and spinach - Mid day snack: Protein shake with peanut butter and ice or a pot of cottage cheese. - Lunch: Grilled chicken breast ....

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  • 3 ways to make you feel better in November

    There are almost 8 weeks more of this year. But it's not to late to make November your month. The month of feeling better in your skin. A month to feel better mentally. Here is my challenge for you: 1. Set you new habits: - wake up 30 min earlier and have a breakfast without being in a rush. - increase your protein. As the weather is getting cold and we want more warm and comfortable food, don't let the weather make slip of your diet. Eat your protein to keep you fuller. - replace one of your cup of coffee a day with a matcha tea. There are many flavoured option on the market, so it won't taste that bad. 2. Workout first thing in the morning - get it done and stat your day ....

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  • The importance of taking a time off

    The importance of taking a time off

    We all go through times when you feel burnt out, this is the time when you have to step back and take some time off. Research has shown that you will do better if you take more regular downtime. If you are like me and love your job and feel tempted to check your inbox more of than you need, here are few tips how to fix that: - Learn to turn your attention to something completely different - something like a quick workout to get your heart rate up and more oxygen in your blood and brain. - Take more regular vacations - it doesn't need to be a week, all you need is a day or two to escape from your daily life. - Make it a rule to have at least 1 full day off work - more work hours does ....

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  • 5 Reasons to start weight training

    5 Reasons to start weight training

    If you are still looking for a sign to join your local gym or hire a Personal trainer, here are 5 reasons to start your gym routine and weight training: - Reason 1- Improves weight loss and helps you build lean mass. Your body will burn more energy while lifting heavy than doing endless cardio. - Reason 2 - It will help your joint to get stronger and prevent future injuries. - Reason 3 - Improves your mood and mental health - Reason 4 - Improves your body shape and boosts your confidence - Reason 5 - My favourite reason: You can eat more :) I am a massive food lover, basically I lift weights so I can eat more. For me this is a lifestyle and I don't like the idea of people saying ....

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  • Eating out. Take aways. Dieting culture.

    Eating out. Take aways. Dieting culture.

    Dieting culture nowadays is going mental on my opinion. So many people are promoting 'Healthy Life and Healthy Diet' in a very wrong way: Sugar is bad. Carbs are bad, they make you fat. Meat is bad. Dairy is bad...etc. Sugar is not great, but if we eat in moderation, it won't cause any major health damage. Same for carbs and dairy. We tend to believe in everything what media is promoting. We read on the food label: Healthy snack. But many of us don't bother checking the nutritional value of the product. In most cases this Healthy snack contains more calories than your lunch. Studies show us that when a food is perceived as healthy people consume more of it. A great example labelling ....

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  • Is Breakfast essential for weight loss?

    Is Breakfast essential for weight loss?

    The biggest question: Is breakfast essential for weight loss? Some experts say: Yes, you need breakfast. After 7-8 fast, your body needs nutrients to start the day. Some experts say:No, you don't need one. I will share my experience here. When I was younger I never had breakfast, for the pure reason I wasn't educated enough about nutrition. I was following the trend diets and whatever I read on the magazines. WRONG!!!! I wish I could turn the time back and educate my younger self. Now, at the age of 36, I am looking forward to eat the meal of the day. Two reasons why breakfast works for me: - keeps my insulin level stable and I am not going super hungry for lunch time meal. - ....

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  • Fitness, Diet and Everything else

    Fitness, Diet and Everything else

    Back to my passion this week: Fitness and Food. Lifting weights it's not all about bulking and getting massive. Lifting weights improves posture, better sleep, being better bone density, maintaining weight loss, boosting metabolism, lowering inflammation....and that's not all. I lift weights for all the reasons above and also I want to look sexy AF :) "When you exercise, it increases endorphins, dopamine, adrenaline and endocannabinoid -- these are all brain chemicals associated with feeling happy, feeling confident, feeling capable, feeling less anxiety and stress and even less physical pain," McGonigal says. And also, I like eating food. Another reason to ....

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